SprintsQ Agent


SprintsQ Agent is an npm package that needs to be installed in your local machine in order to execute the test cases created in SprintsQ.


Node.js of version 16 or higher should be installed on your machine.

SprintsQ Agent binds the Playwright browser binaries and Playwright core, along with the functions for executing the test scripts. Basically, the SprintsQ agent runs on port 5000, and currently, we don't provide custom port selection.

npm install -g sprintsq@latest

The above command installs the SprintsQ agent globally on your local machine.

Getting Started

To start the SprintsQ Agent, use the following command:

sprintsq start

Once the SprintsQ Agent is started, you can begin running the test cases directly from your browsers without any additional configurations.

Configuration Options
  1. Browser Selection: You can choose the browser (Chromium, Firefox, Webkit)
  2. Headless vs. Headful Mode: You can choose whether the tests should be executed in headless mode or headful mode. In headless mode, the tests won't be visible in the UI, which is optimized for faster executions. In headful mode, you can check the test executions in the UI.
  3. Action Speed Control: You can control the speed of each action. Usually, actions will be performed once the browser opens the page. This option is only available in headful mode.
Test Execution and Reporting

Each test executed will be displayed in the command line along with their test status. Every test executed locally is also tracked in SprintsQ with a detailed report, which helps with better tracking.


If a URL is only accessible from your local machine (e.g., http://localhost:3000), SprintsQ agent can still access the URL since it is hosted internally on your machine. This eliminates the need for using tunnels like ngrok.

The SprintsQ agent provides the advantage of executing test cases by any team member. You don't have to rely on the testing team for test execution or setting up the test environment. Please also check out SprintsQ Cloud.


If you need any help installing the SprintsQ agent, please feel free to contact us. If you encounter any issues with the SprintsQ agent, please report them, and we will fix them promptly.

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