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Automate repetitive manual tests and release 10X faster

User-friendly no-code test automation tool helps you to save your time and ship apps faster. Designed for QA professionals with no coding experience.

7-day free trial
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Why SprinstQ?

Manual + Automation
Slow and inefficient. Adds heavy workload to QA to work under deadlines.
  • Manual QA cannot contribute to automation
  • Setting up automation infrastructure requires extensive knowledge
  • Takes weeks to retest whole application
  • On average organizations only achieve 30% test coverage
Modern web applications requires modern testing tools.
  • Manual QA create and maintain automated tests
  • No configuration required
  • Full retest in minutes
  • More than 90% test coverage in few months

You are 3 easy steps away from enhancing your QA workflow.

Create tests
You can easily create tests with user-friendly UI. There is no learning curve, it is simple as manual testing.
Run tests
Once you created tests, you can run them easily on the cloud without any configuration
View reports
With SprintsQ you can view the test execution history for past 30 days.

Write easily, run instantly

It doesn't matter if you're a QA, Dev, or PM. You can create tests without coding.

Run tests in the cloud with zero configurations and enjoy unlimited testing with SprintsQ Agent and Cloud.

Detailed Reports

View detailed test reports. View daily test reports. SprintsQ takes screenshot for each test step.


CI/CD integrations

SprintsQ perfectly fits into your CI/CD workflow to supercharge your product development and testing processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

No-code/low-code test automation refers to the process of automating software testing using tools that require little to no coding skills. These tools aim to simplify the process of software testing and debugging, while also accommodating non-technical team members. No-code tools provide a visual interface or drag-and-drop functionality that allows users to define test scenarios, interactions, and assertions without coding. Low-code tools, on the other hand, require some basic coding knowledge. However, their simple user interface, visual builders, predefined functions, and modular blocks reduce the amount of manual coding needed. SprintsQ is a great example of a no-code test automation tool.

No-code test automation tools are designed to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical users, enabling a broader range of individuals to actively participate in the testing process. These tools aim to democratize test automation and promote collaboration among different stakeholders to improve the overall quality of the software application.

Yes, SprintsQ offers a 1-week free trial. No credit card is required for the trial version. After the trial period, user should make a purchase.

Getting started with SprintsQ is fairly straightforward, as it has a friendly user interface and is designed to be easy to learn. However, the specific time it will take to get started can depend on your familiarity with such tools and the complexity of the tests you want to run. And remember that the SprintsQ team is always ready to welcome you aboard.

Yes, we love to support charities and educational institutions by offering special discounts. Please reach out to our team at with your details.

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